About Me

Hi! My name is Mariana. I live in a nice city, called Christchurch! I am a big fan of Lord of the Rings! What other reason is there to live in New Zealand? I am joking, this country is really beautiful and I love living here. My hobbies include reading adventure and dystopian books, building something using Lego, watching some NFL game and listening to music. I cannot live without music. Devotion and responsibility are some characteristics of my personality. I believe in an easily accessible Web for everybody and in the future, I would like to be part of the creation of an inclusive web using my Front-end knowledge.

Relevant Projects

  • Contact App

    Developed a single-page application that is a Contact List. Main features are to add a new contact on the list, favorite a contact, display the contact list and update the contact information.

  • Husky Rescue Org. Website

    It was SPA using React, Bootstrap 4, Sass and Webpack. I also developed the new website mockups using Photoshop. It was a proposing to replace the old Husky Rescue website.

  • Would You Rather?

    The goal here is to implement an App to lets a user play the Would You Rather? game. A question is displayed and a user needs answer it. It was developed using React, Redux and Material UI.


  Remote as Frontend Engineer

July/2021 - ongoing

Working on the Onboarding team, focused on providing the best experience for new users on Remote. Our team is fully async and distributed across the world. A few highlights I contributed are: the rework of how Remote prices its customers, ensuring the process aligns with different countries' legislation, and refactoring code for better code practices and components reusability. I also support our design system, which is widely used on our systems. The Tech stack is React, React Query, Jest, React Testing Library, and Styled Components.

  Phocas as Software Developer (Frontend Dev)

February/2021 - June/2021

Working on web development using jQuery, React, Typescript, Redux, Sass, Enzyme, and Bootstrap. I am designing the new grid layout for the main finance product in collaboration with the design team. I am also involved in creating a Design System using Figma and Storybook. I am following Scrum rules and working in a remote team across NZ, AUS, and the UK.

  Phocas as Junior Software Developer (Frontend Dev)

March/2020 - January/2021

Worked on web development using React, Redux, Mobx, Typescript, Material UI, Jest and React Testing Library. Also, my responsibilities were to define and implement the layout for the project in collaboration with Phocas designers. We followed Scrumban rules and interacted with remote teams, including designers and other developers.

  Kathmandu as Junior Frontend Developer

October/2018 - March/2020

As a member of the Web Development team, my main role was to code highly efficient and scalable software to maintain, extend and enhance Kathmandu's eCommerce website. I worked on web development using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Figma and Magento 2. I was also responsible for development code review of tags on Google Tag Manager.

  Chingu Cohorts Journey as Frontend Developer

December/2017 - January/2018

My main role was Frontend developer but also acted as Project Manager. As a Frontend Developer, I designed and implemented the Husky Rescue webpage. Its design was created using Adobe Photoshop. It was developed using React, Bootstrap 4, SASS and Webpack. On this project, I worked remotely with a mixed level team using tools like Slack, Trello and Github.

Skills & Education

I like to code things from scratch,
and enjoy learning new tools to help me in my work.

  • HTML5
  • React 2017
  • Gatsby 2019
  • Redux

I have studied History at the Fluminense Federal University, in Rio. However, during my bachelor, I realized that the impact of my work in society did not satisfy me. So, I decided to try something completely different and I have no regrets about it. After finishing my bachelor degree, I started studying basics Web development subjects. Then, I discovered that my passion for Frontend development could be my profession in the future. Although I still enjoy reading about History, I am in love with the frontend development. In 2019, I started my studies about React when I participated in Chingu Cohorts journey. I learned Gatsby while developing some internal projects for Kathmandu. I have also developed skills to use Sass, Bootstrap 3 and 4, GraphQL and Material UI. In 2020, I decided to do a Nano Degree in React to improve my skills. On that degree I also learned about Redux. It was really handy, because I am using React, Redux and Typescript on my current job position.